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We are a fun free public running group catering for all ages and abilities. If you are a beginner or recreational runner looking to get fit and healthy or a more confident seasoned runner looking to improve Run New Brighton is for you. Come run some of Christchurch's most scenic running routes from the Eastern Red Zone, Bottle Lake Forest, the Coastal Trail and New Brighton Beach.  We run every Wednesday at 5.30pm from the New Brighton Olympic Clubrooms. Come join us for fun, friendship and fitness.

Training Programs 

5 km Run

For 5 km run training programs click on the links below:

Overall Training Guide




10 km Run

For 10 km run training programs click on the links below:

Overall Training Guide




Training Resources

Beginning to Run

For resources on how to begin running:

Becoming a Runner

Running Technique

How to improve your running style:

Running from Improvements

Tips for Proper Technique


Understanding nutrition is important for any runner:

Obsessed with Her Weight, This NZ Runner Pushed Her Body to Breaking Point

The Press

The Best Foods for Athletes

The New York Times

Diet Could Help Runners Beat Stomach Issues

New research shows that low FODMAP foods reduce gastrointestinal symptoms. Science Daily

Defining Energy Deficiency in Sport

Moretti, L. (2016). Eating Disorders

The Influence of 15 Weeks Exercise Training on Dietary Patterns Among Young Adults

Joo, J. (2019). International Journal of Obesity 

Weight Management: Healthy Diet, Nutrition, and Weight Loss for Runners

Vo2Max Productions

Best Running Nutrition for Marathons

Vo2Max Productions


It's not all about running, recovery is a vital part of keeping your body fit and healthy:

5 Golden Rules of Marathon Recovery


Guide to Return to Running After an Injury

The Body Mechanic

Returning to Running After an Injury

Trail Runner Magazine

Overtraining: Signs and Symptoms

Vo2Max Productions

The Long Run

Information on training for longer distances:

The Long Run - How Long is Long Enough

Mile 27 Endurance Training

Long Run Training Tips for All Runners

Vo2Max Productions

Endurance but not Resistance Training has Anti-aging Effects

European Society of Cardiology

World Class Long Distance Running Performance are Best Predicted by Volume of Easy Runs and Deliberate Practise of Short Interval and Tempo Runs

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research


Useful information on how to improve your speed:

How to Run Faster

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How to Run a Faster 5km: Workouts and Training Tips

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How to Run a Sub 1:30 Half Marathon: Training Tips and Workouts

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Warm-up Routine for Runners

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Mental Strategy

Learning mental strategies keeps you running longer and faster:

Avoiding a DNF

Mile 27 Endurance Training

Exercise May Make You Happier Than Money

Business Insider Deut

Impact of Terrain and Weather

Where you run and conditions you run in will affect your training, so be prepared:

The Science of Hill Running and How it Impacts Race Times

Runners Connect

Running Events