We have different seasonal approaches. We focus on the track at Rawhiti in Summer. Road running  happens all year round and Cross Country events are in  winter.
Training for adults happens across the city. We have a number of small groups people can join in with depending on availability. Some groups run in the early morning and others meet from 4:45pm on weekdays and morning on Sunday. We monitor performances and identify areas that will make a difference. 
Our aim is to grow the sport and pass on our passion knowledge on position-specific movement. 




​Juniors 7-9 year olds

Littles Club 6 year olds & under

5.50pm-7 pm

Seniors 10-14 year olds

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In winter we can start a bit later at 5.30pm. 

Practice is a big part of our training program. But we also teach how to optimise your performance to be more consistent.



Depending on the weekend's events we have specific training on a Thursday that leads up to upcoming events.

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Training runs

On most days of the week there will be an Athletics Canterbury training run

Join-in on some Athletic Canterbury training. There are runs in different areas of Christchurch. Check it out here